Find answers to common questions about my singing lessons in Norwich. If you have a question not answered below just get in touch and I would be happy to answer it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

That is totally up to the you - I am proud to create specially tailored vocal lessons that both suit the style and ability of the student as well as their musical preferences.

Yes, I am a classically trained singer, with interests in opera and musicals singing. I also am very comfortable teaching contemporary genres, so will tailor the lesson to focus on the music that you enjoy listing to.

I teach my students from a home teaching space located in Cringleford, Norwich, NR4 7JL. It is a great place to come and learn how to sing, with all the resources that we require for your singing lessons. Additionally, I offer online singing lessons to those students interested in learning online.

Absolutely, no prior musical experience is needed to attend lessons here at Singing Lessons Norwich. I will take you through all that you will need to know to take you from a beginner singer to a competent and confident vocalist.

Students are welcome to come to me for a one-off lesson if there is something you want to look at specifically or you have an event to prepare for. I would suggest 1 or 2 hours for an intense short course as we can really get into the project you’re working on.

Yes, learning any musical instrument will help promote self-confidence as well as getting a great understanding of the dedication, motivation and practice needed to succeed in any walk of life. Being able to control your voice can also help in many other areas of your life, from presenting information in meetings at work to being able to captivate an audience at a theatre.

Absolutely, I have helped many singers prepare their voice to give a one of performance at the full extent of their vocal ability - whether it was in the recording studio or for a wedding it is something we can do during our lessons. However, do note that we might draw in other songs and exercises to help you sing the song of your choice to your full ability.

That very much depends on your ambition - if it is to hold a tune in a way that other people can enjoy then it might only take a few months to be able to develop your vocal strength and control to do this. If it is to create a distinctive, world-renowned voice it can take a lifetime of dedication to achieve - indeed, I feel that I am still learning and developing myself as a singer and performer.

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I teach from my home teaching space located in Cringleford, Norwich, NR4 7JL.
This is subject to teaching availability and location.


I teach from my home teaching space located in Cringleford, Norwich, NR4 7JL. It is a great place to come to learn to sing, with all the resources that we need for our lessons. I also offer online lessons for students who would prefer to learn via Skype or Zoom.
My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.
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